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The Original UPWalker® —
A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Mobility.

Supportive Upright Posture

Designed for Stability & Safety

Multiple Models for Best Fit

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Only the UPWalker® is Designed From the Ground up to be a Safer Upright Posture Walker.

Unlike imitation rollators with upright arms simply stuck into their existing rollator frame, the UPWalker offers advanced, patented design for increased stability, comfort and user benefit.

What Value Do You Place on Your Safety?

Compared to imitation products, the original UPWalker was designed and backed by an established mobility company in the United States to be safer and more stable than imitations. You get what you pay for, and no price is too high for safeguarding you and your loved ones.

An elderly woman pushing an UPWalker rollator. The walker has several attachments, including a carry bag & backrest support.

Balanced Center of Gravity Design

A safety sticker demonstrating how the UPWalker is engineered to be more stable compared to competing upright walker models.

The UPWalker is designed to position the user mass in the center of the unit, front to back and side to side with user weight directed downward inside the wheels, thereby stabilizing the user when walking or standing. Patented design features of the UPWalker increase stability by positioning the user’s weight inside the wheels instead of on top of the wheels, reducing fall risk. Imitation products position the user mass toward the front of the unit, with hands close to the front wheels creating a forward tip over hazard.

ISO Certification for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Due in part to its unique design, the innovative UPWalker is the only upright walker to receive ISO 11199-3:2005 Certification for both indoor and outdoor use. This certification is awarded according to stringent tests for stability of walking aids with horizontal arm supports. Independent testing of impostures demonstrates a tip over risk.

UPWalker Outperforms Imitation Products!

Why is an UPWALKER Safer?

UPWalker Outperforms Imitation Products

In addition to its stability and safety design features, the UPWalker also includes features designed for user comfort and ease of use. Unlike imitation products that come in multiple pieces that need to be assembled, the UPWalker comes conveniently pre-assembled so it is ready to use the moment you get it. Additional features available on the Original UPWalker, but not on imitation products, are highlighted in the following video and are listed in the table below:

Upright Walkers Designed for Less Pain and More Stability

The UPWalker addresses the deficiencies of conventional walkers, including fall risk, slouching, and lack of user confidence and comfort. 

Unlike walkers that force you to hunch over putting painful pressure on your wrists and back, the UPWalker is designed to support you in a secure upright position giving you better posture so you have more confidence and less pain. 

Feel More Independent and Secure On Your Feet Now! 
Immobility can slow you down and limit your activity, forcing you to miss out on all the enjoyment life has to offer. The UPWalker may help you maintain an active lifestyle both inside and outside. Use the UPWalker rolling walker with seat for daily living, shopping, exercise, and social events!

“The UPWalker is going to change patients' lives!”

“The UPWalker is revolutionary. When you use the UPWalker, you’re able to walk upright with a more normal gait. The UPWalker is incredibly stable and it makes the patient feel stable. This allows them to get outside and to be independent again. A study conducted by a leading medical research center showed that walking upright improved user posture and sense of security, increased endurance and reduced pain.” - Paul C. Murphy, MD, Murphy Sports Medicine Center of La Jolla 

People Love the UPWalker!

“I no longer feel trapped. I have my life back again!”

“When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's I felt like I was trapped in my own house, but now with the UPWalker it gives me the freedom to do what I want to do.” – Arlin

“My old walker hurt my wrists, because I had to lean too much on my hands.”

“With the UPWalker I’m not leaning over. I’m walking longer distances and I feel stronger.” - Ann

“The UPWalker reduces my fear of falling.”

“I had a fear of her falling, she had a fear of falling. So with the UPWalker, we’ve reduced that fear. It’s brought Mary’s smile back again…and when she smiles, I smile.” - Ron & Mary

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