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Neck surgery and LifeWalker

  • 1 min read

In the photos my wife Jean is being fitted for a neck brace after front and back surgery right up next to her brain, and there appears an X-Ray of her fusion.

  This was one of her hardest, and most painful surgeries, and the fusion and actual replacement of two vertebrae with a titanium cage and rods with screws limits movement of her head to 10 degrees. 

 So, she found that her long recovery entailed problems; she encountered difficulties eating, driving, and walking.  In a regular rollator walker she had to bend forward and could only see the ground in front of her; dangerous, and a very high fall risk for her. If she had her LifeWalker upright at that time, [ I designed it later ]  she would have been much safer looking ahead and not down.

 She did fall many times using her rollator walker.

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