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Cardio Accelerator by UPWalker Frequently Asked Questions

The current price of the Cardio Accelerator (H300R) is $695. Price includes free shipping and handling (a $59.99 value) as well as several accessories, including a personal item bag, a beverage holder and a backrest support which amounts to a total savings of over $100.00.

Tax is applied in certain states and will be determined during checkout.

The Cardio Accelerator’s price reflects the fact that it is a truly revolutionary mobility product designed and produced to be durable with quality workmanship and benefits not found in other walkers. 

The Cardio Accelerator comes with a personal item bag, a beverage holder and a backrest support for sitting.

Withour free standard shipping and handling you should receive you rCardio Accelerator in 8 to 12 business days in the continental US. If you wish to receive your Cardio Accelerator sooner, you can choose 6-day expedited processing for an additional $49.99 or 3-day rush shipping for an additional $150. Delivery to Hawaii and Alaska is at a cost of $130 which will arrive in 3 business days. We do not ship to U.S. Territories, APO/FPO, Canada or other international addresses.

If you wish to receive your Cardio Accelerator sooner, you can choose 6-day expedited processing for an additional $49.99 or 3-day rush shipping for an additional $150.

Major credit cards (MC, AMEX, Visa, and Discover).

We do not accept checks, but if you have a debit card, we can use that.

Yes, we do offer financing through Bread. Click on the "Pay With Bread" option at the end of the checkout page.

Additional information can be found You can also call LifeWalker directly at 877-488-0822.

Unforunately, there are no stores currently carrying the Cardio Accelerator.

Yes, please call customer service at 877-488-0822 and they will send you additional information. 

Product Description

TheCardio Accelerator is a revolutionary new product which features armrests that can pivot in a reciprocating motion up and down with resistance in both directions generating physical exercise for various muscle groups. This dual motion resistance provides a muscular workout for one's arms and back (including but not limited to biceps, triceps, pectoral and lateral muscles as wellas one's neck muscles). Like the Original UPWalker, the Cardio Accelerator enables users to walk upright in a safer, more secure posture as compared to traditional walkers and rollators that cause users to hunch over. 

The Cardio Accelerator offers all of the features and benefits of the UPWalker, and more! The Cardio Accelerator is designed for aging consumers who have a desire to stay physically fit through walking and arm exercises that provide a rigorous cardiovascular workout. And now you can do all that that while walking upright with the safety,stability and comfort of the Original UPWalker.

Because you are able to walk using upright posture, you are able to look straight at your friends and loved ones without being hunched over looking at the ground. You can even rest on the armrests in a standing position while having a conversation with others.

The Cardio Accelerator was designed with user convenience in mind and arrives with an easy-to-follow User Guide. After attaching the resistance dampers (see page 7 of the User Guide) and making a few initial adjustments (designed to personalize the Cardio Accelerator to your user preferences) using the Cardio Accelerator requires no more than a few steps to open and close and to use for walking or sitting. All tabs used for making adjustments are clearly defined in gray color. The Unit comes standard with armrest locking pins which allow the Cardio Accelerator to be used just as our existing UPWalker mobility assistance operates, but 3.75 pounds heavier.

The Cardio Accelerator is larger and heavier than traditional rollators and may not be suitable for smaller, frail elderly users or others lacking the strength to maneuver a larger mobility device.

The Cardio Accelerator comes fully-assembled, with the exclusion of the resistance dampers (see page 7 of the User Guide). A tool is provided for this purpose, along with an easy-to-follow User Guide. It can be removed from the box, adjusted to your personal desire andused immediately.

The Cardio Accelerator was designed and developed by LifeWalker Mobility Products of San Diego, California. To learn more about the company go to

The Cardio Accelerator ships from Los Angeles, California.

The Cardio Accelerator was developed and designed in the US and is manufactured In China.

Product Features (also see optional accessories in “Accessories” section below)

Yes, the fabric seat that slides front to back for sitting or walking with long strides. The Cardio Accelerator also comes with a comfortable backrest support when seated.

Yes, the Cardio Accelerator comes standard with a personal item bag that attaches to the front of the frame. Also available as options are a luxury item bag (with zipper-close top and side pocket with airvents) and a shopping bag (larger bag with carry handles for shopping.)

Standard personal item bag: 13 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 10 inches high.

Luxury personal item bag: 13 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 10 inches high.

Shopping bag: 18 inches wide x 11 inches deep x 12 inches high.

The sturdy frame is made from aluminum alloy and other quality materials including composite plastic and polyurethane. Many of these materials are used in the automobile and aircraft industries.

We offer the Cardio Accelerator in one color, graphite gray.

No, just graphite gray for now. 

Product Function

The reciprocating arms cannot be retrofitted onto the H200 UPWalker product. The Cardio Accelerator is the only product that offers resistance dampers and recipricating arm attachments.

Yes, the brake handles on the Cardio Accelerator stop the rear wheels. Brakes also function as parking brake for sitting or standing from seated position.

No, they each function independently and brake only one wheel.



The Cardio Accelerator's adjustable armrests accomodate users as short as 4'9 and as tall as 6'5. Also, the adjustable armrests come with a “height memory stop” clamp makes it easier to adjust the armrest to the same height every time.


Users as short as 4'9 and as tall as 5'10 in height.

35 inches minimum and 44.5 inches maximum.

300 pounds.

30 inches.

There are wheel locks on all four wheels which can restrict all four wheels when locked and/or allow the wheels to swivel 360 degrees when unlocked.

Yes, and you can order an optional attachable flashlight/taillight for your Cardio Accelerator.

Product Benefits

TheCardioAccelerator offers all of the features and benefits of theUPWalker, and more! The CardioAccelerator is designed for agingconsumers who have a desire to stay physically fit through walkingand arm exercises that provide a rigorous cardiovascular workout. Andnow you can do all that that while walking upright with the safety,stability and comfort of the Original UPWalker.

Likethe Original UPWalker, the CardioAccelerator gives you greaterfreedom and independence. The UPWalker has been shown in a researchstudy to reduce back, wrist and lower limb pain and enable the userto walk farther with less effort.

A research study found that users of the CardioAccelerator felt safer and more secure than they did with a walker or rollator. Due in part to its unique design, the innovative UPWalker is the only upright walker to receive ISO Certification for both indoor and outdoor use. Only the UPWalker is designed from the ground up to be to be a safer upright posture walker. The CardioAccelerator also meets the requirements for ISO Certification for both indoor and outdoor use

The UPWalker, which is the basis of the CardioAccelerator, has been shownin a research study to unload body weight from the lower limbs andreduce back and lower limb pain as a result. The upright armrestsalso reduce pain in the wrists and hands that can occur withtraditional walkers and rollators, especially if you have arthritis.

Wehave found that people with disorders that affect their gait or theirbalance benefit from using the UPWalker. The stable, sturdy platformof the Walker provides support and an added sense of security thatcan carry over to improved mobility. If you are working with atherapist, caregiver or physician, you may want to check with them ontheir opinion of using the CardioAccelerator.

Ifyou are working with a therapist, caregiver or physician, you maywant to check with them on their opinion of using theCardioAccelerator.

Pleasecall our marketing department at 877-488-0822 for that information.

Product Specifications

27.3 pounds.

33.5 inches long (wheel base) x 23.5 inches wide (outside width).

Standard CardioAccelerator: 17 inches.

The CardioAccelerator is 23.5 inches wide and will go through mostdoorways.

33.5 inches long x 10.5 inches wide x 42.5 inches high.

18 inches wide x 11 inches deep.

20 inches from the ground.

8 inch diameter.

Softhigh-quality TPR rubber (not inflated).

Acomfortable foam polyurethane material that is easy to clean.

The box measures 30 inches long x 9.5 inches wide x 42.5 inches high.

The shipping weight is 35 pounds.

Product Use and Convenience

Yes,the CardioAccelerator folds easily for storage and transport. It fitsin the trunk or back seat of most cars.

We have found that the CardioAccelerator fits in most cars, unless it isa very small compact car trunk. You can measure the inside of yourtrunk to be certain.  Some people find it easier to placethe CardioAccelerator in the back seat of their four door car.

The CardioAccelerator is designed for everyday use in the home or livingfacility. It will go through standard sized doorways and is easy tomaneuver on a variety of surfaces. The CardioAccelerator includesnumerous features that make its use indoors comfortable, convenientand safe. The CardioAccelerator is longer and heavier thantraditional rollators, however, and may not be suitable for use insome multi-level homes, small living quarters such as mobile homesand apartments.

The CardioAccelerator works very well outdoors.  With 8 inchwheels, a sturdy frame and reliable handbrakes, the CardioAcceleratorcan be used safely on a variety of walking surfaces. TheCardioAccelerator includes a seat with backrest, personal item bagand beverage holder that will make your outdoor walking experienceconvenient and comfortable.

The CardioAccelerator is ergonomically designed for user comfort. TheCardioAccelerator can be adjusted in several ways to personalize itto the user’s size and preferences.  Soft materials areused in the armrests and handholds for

The UPWalker is ergonomically designed for user comfort. The UPWalker can be adjusted in several ways to personalize it to the user’s size and preferences.  Soft materials are used in the armrests and handholds for user comfort.


The current offer includes a personal item bag, a beverage holder and abackrest support.

Optionalitems include:

Luxurypersonal item bag [normally priced at $29.99].

Shoppingbag [normally priced at $19.99].

Cane/umbrellaholder [normally priced at $14.99].

Smartphone holder [normally priced at $24.99].

Safetyflashlight/taillight [normally priced at $19.99].


Underthe current offer, you can purchase the bundle for a reduced cost of$89.95, a savings of $20.00 off the retail price of $109.95.

Insurance Coverage/FDA

The CardioAccelerator is sold as a cash pay product. You would need tocheck with your insurance provider to pursue reimbursement.

The CardioAccelerator is sold as a cash pay product. You would need tocheck with your insurance provider to pursue reimbursement.

We suggest you speak with the administrator of your plan to determinecoverage but medically necessary items are typically covered.

Yes, your doctor can prescribe the CardioAccelerator as medicallynecessary depending upon your diagnosis.

The CardioAccelerator is a Class I device registered with the FDA. FDAapproval is not required.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied withyour CardioAccelerator we will refund you the purchase price andshipping and handling charges if incurred at the time ofpurchase. Return authorization must be made within 30 daysof receipt. The unit must be in original “like new” condition andnot damaged in any way. Some restrictions apply. The customer isresponsible for the cost of return shipping and handling.

Customers may return their CardioAccelerator and CardioAccelerator accessorieswithin the 30-day satisfaction guarantee period. Thecost of shipping the returned product will be theresponsibility of the customer and the return will besubject to at $65 restocking fee. The product must be packaged in theoriginal CardioAccelerator packaging materials when received byLifeWalker. To return your CardioAccelerator, you mustcontact LifeWalker in advance. To do so, please send an emailto statingyour desire to return the product and your reason forreturning the product, along with stated confirmation that theproduct is not damaged. LifeWalker will then contact you via replyemail to authorize return shipping. Or you can callLifeWalker at 866-588-1845. Returned products must be in original“like new” condition and not damaged in any way. Net refunds willbe provided following receipt and inspection of the returned productby LifeWalker.

To return your CardioAccelerator, you must first contact LifeWalker toreceive authorization to return either via emailat orby phone at 866-588-1845.

Thecost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Thecost to return the CardioAccelerator will depend in part on where youlive and your mode of shipping. UPS would be able to give you anestimate based on shipping box size and weight):

Thebox measures 30 inches long x 9.5 inches wide x 42.5 inches high.

Theshipping weight is 35 pounds.

Once your return is received, it will be processed within 10 businessdays. LifeWalker will not be responsible for loss or damage of returnshipments. A credit for the refund will be issued to your originalmethod of payment within 7 business days of completion of returnprocessing. If we receive your item back in our warehouse and it doesnot meet our return policy terms, then we may not issue you a refundor send you a replacement.

Forte chnical support on the CardioAccelerator call 866-588-1845.

What are your customer service business hours?

Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Pacific Time.

Warranty Information

LifeWalker Mobility Products stands firmly behind our commitment to providepremium quality products. Our standard warranties represent ourconfidence in the materials and workmanship of your new CardioAccelerator.


The frame of the CardioAccelerator is warrantied to be free from defectsin material and workmanship, under NORMAL use, for the lifetime ofthe original consumer purchaser when purchased from LifeWalkerMobility Products or an authorized LifeWalker Mobility Productsdealer. Accessories and non-durable components such as wheels,brakes, seat, handgrips, and armrests, which are susceptible tonormal wear and tear and subject to periodic replacement, arewarrantied for six (6) months.


During these warranty periods, our warranties cover all parts, labor andshipping for repairing the CardioAccelerator. Our warranties expireon their respective anniversaries and immediately upon any sale ortransfer of ownership or use of the product to another person.


Our warranties do not coverthe following:

Aproduct that was modified or repaired without prior writtenauthorization from LifeWalker Mobility Products or an authorizedLifeWalker Mobility Products dealer.

Problemsarising from:

            User negligence.

            Any failure to adhere to the CardioAccelerator user and maintenance


            Any abuse or misuse of the product for purposes other than

            those specifiedin the CardioAccelerator User Guide.


Routine brake adjustments.

Yes, against manufacturing defects for 6 months. Does not cover wearand tear use.

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