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UpWalker Testimonials

UpWalker Lite Testimonials

A smiling senior man excitedly reviews his UPWalker Upright Walker while his small dog sits in the walker's bag attachment.
“It lifts you up spiritually and physically”

“I've tried other walkers, but this one keeps me more erect and it takes a lot of the pressure off my back and my knees and my ankles. There's a lot less pain so it makes me want to get out.” -- Grandison

"The UPWalker Lite has been my saving grace throughout the pandemic"

"I think being fully upright made all the difference in the world! I found that my gait improved from a side to side motion to a smoother forward and back motion and I was able to breathe better. My daughter noticed that I was no longer huffing and puffing at the end of our walks and I experienced far less pain in my back and hips. The UPWalker Lite was a true gift throughout the pandemic as we were all so limited in what we could do!" -- Doris

"I'm no longer trapped in my house!"

"What I love about my UPWalker® is the freedom that it gives me. I'm no longer trapped in my house. I feel alive again. What a blessing it is to spend more time again with my grandchildren" -- JoAnne

"The UPWalker Lite is a game-changer!"

"Walking with the UPWalker Lite is a very solid and secure feeling and the armrests help to create a feeling of stability. The combination of comfortable, speedy mobility and ease of transport has made it possible for me to go to the grocery store with my wife. I could maybe use a cane to go out to restaurants, but I feel much more secure using the UpWalker Lite. My wife has called it a “game-changer" " -- John

"A better alternitive to walkers!"

“I find that patients are able to walk farther and more confidently on the UPWalker, which can contribute to their recovery. I prefer it over less stable, less beneficial alternatives available to our patients.” -- Melanie, P.T., M.P.T. with VIP NeuroRehabilitation Center, San Diego

"I have peace of mind with the UPWalker Lite"

"Now that Dennis has the UPWalker Lite, I encourage him to use it when walking from one end of the house to the other. It gives me peace of mind knowing that he won't fall forward when walking. It keeps him much more upright than a regular walker and will allow him to go on longer walks once the weather warms up” -- Kim Miyoshi (wife)

"Inspiration to push myself again!"

“Having completed 20 full Ironman triathlons, fitness was a cornerstone to my well-being. After being grounded by a combination of spine damage and Parkinson's disease, with the UPWalker I now have the freedom to travel the world and exercise without the fear of falling, which has provided inspiration for me to push myself again. I recommend the UPWalker to all who are beginning to encounter instability and trouble walking, but still want to stay active”. -- David

"The UPWalker Lite is an enormous improvement over the conventional walkers"

"I’ve been using the UPWalker for a couple weeks and my mobility and posture has already improved. It’s easy to assemble, I did it myself and I’m 86 years old! The UPWalker has definitely improved my mobility and posture and is an enormous improvement over the conventional walker available on the market" -- Phyllis

"After falling with a cane, my Dad, Frank, is able to walk again."

“The UPWalker has given him renewed stamina and confidence. What a blessing your product has been to his attitude, stability and self-confidence, it's amazing.” -- Brenda

"I put the UPWalker Lite to the test and it passed!"

"I put the UPWalker Lite to the test, walking over lawn-like areas, sand paths and cobblestones while in Puerto Vallarta. It didn’t become unstable or throw me off balance once. It has also helped me lessen the pressure on my back, knees and hips and has allowed me to walk longer distances without pain. A great device that has definitely improved my quality of life!" -- Doug

"It's so nice not to be hunched over, I feel more stable!"

"The UPWalker has allowed me to be more independent when we go out, compared to a wheelchair, which means both me and my wife get to enjoy ourselves more!" -- Todd

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