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Post Open-Heart Surgery, Day 20!

  • 2 min read

I walked 2 miles rehabilitating in my LifeWalker yesterday; 19 days after open heart surgery!  It was a thrill that I could do that. The exercise was done one mile in the morning and one again in the afternoon.  I was pretty much at my limit at the end of each exercise set.  Finishing dizzy and with weak legs meant that it wouldn't have been possible without the support provided by a LifeWalker, where I could add some upper body weight and control to the armrests.  It kept me feeling safe also when otherwise I would have been too unsteady to complete the course I had set for myself to travel.

 According to what I read, daily walking creates better blood circulation allowing healing to take place faster.  Given that having my sternum cut completely open meant about 8 inches of bone in my chest that must heal.  Perhaps working harder means faster bone healing, less pressure, and less pain.  The only remaining pain I have is at my sternum bone;  coughing causes nasty pain!  A few mean pals try to make me laugh causing the same problem. Guys are bad!

Not yet allowed to do upper body exercise as that would put too much stress on my heart and sternum.  So, I am stuck with only walking rehab for the next few months.  Sure do hope I may drive soon - six weeks, no driving is tough!

Later this week, I have to check in with three of my Docs so hope to understand whether my level of rehabilitation is within norms based upon statistics from prior patient recovery histories.  I'm betting it's better, and my LifeWalker is the reason.  

 I feel great!  More energy and better sleep.  So improved since my surgery.  Lucky, lucky me. LifeWalker saving my bacon yet again!

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