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Post-Surgery Ambulation on the LifeWalker® Upright

  • 1 min read

On Wednesday, the day after my heart surgery, I walked over 400 feet with the LifeWalker® Upright, but with the benefit of prednisone. On Saturday and Sunday, without prednisone, I walked up to a mile and a quarter, which to me is amazing.

The hallway here at UCSD Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center is about a 10th of a mile long so when I travel around the block I'm going a quarter of a mile. I'm probably the only one here who's doing this. I cannot imagine doing this with a brand new aorta valve without my LifeWalker. Maybe it's the cow in me!

This is a marvelous hospital and I've had exceptional care. My doctor, Dr. Madani, is a Persian fellow and his colleague is a Russian former rifleman specialist. Both are amazing gents. I plan to continue walking long-distances because I believe that ambulating will get me out of here faster than I otherwise might. I certainly feel better for having done it, and nurses are amazed as I walk down the hall with my bright shiny new LifeWalker.

I've included a picture here of the hallway so that you can see how long it is. It can be a rather daunting distance when you just experienced heart surgery. I am getting better though and feel like I should be leaving soon.



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