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Remaining Independent as we age

  • 1 min read

Many elderly people increase their risk of disability by being sedentary, especially low-income folks who have fewer options than those who fare better in retirement. Walking costs little though, and a study conducted at the University of Georgia showed that older adults could decrease their risk of disability by almost half with regular walking! See more on the at: 

 So why don't they walk more?  Is it a lack of understanding or a lack of will? It was found that folks who walked 40 minutes three times a week increased their oxygen uptake 19% and physical function 25%.  So by walking they had more energy, and functioned better generally.

Changing behavior is difficult, but the social and medical benefits of making simple changes have a significant effect on our health and lower health costs to taxpayers as well. It seems to me that every hospital, inpatient, outpatient rehab facility, and skilled nursing facility in the country would benefit by having a walking program and promoting walking in their home-care programs too.  We know that a few do that, but only a few. Hopefully more will do so in the future. I know most of the physical therapists and occupational therapists I have spoken with around the country really, really, want their patients to be active, and to become well.

This is why I began the development of our LifeWalker Upright -- to help people walk safer, longer, and with improved health.

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