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UPWalker Customer Success Story: Overcoming Walking Challenges From MS

  • 3 min read

Introduction – The UPWalker was designed to help those with mobility challenges to walk upright with better posture – which helps to improve balance and stability, reduces pain and discomfort, promotes easier breathing and less effort while walking. Susan Campbell is one of our newest community members. She has been suffering with MS, and walking with a traditional rollator has been incredibly challenging for her. The rollator had her in a bent over position, making walking painful. After buying her UPWalker, she sent us pictures and excited messages, showing us that she’s now able to walk upright...and she’s enjoying her walking again! Susan wanted to share her UPWalker experience with all of you, so we interviewed her about it.

UPWalker: Susan, we’re so excited that you’ve joined the UPWalker community, and the photos you shared were amazing...You went from hunched-over and uncomfortable with your old rollator, to upright and smiling with your new UPWalker! What was it like in the first few minutes, could you notice a difference right away?

 Susan: Well, to be quite frank I was a bit nervous. But wow, when I stood up, boy did I stand up! Pressure is off your back and I once again realized how tall I am. 


With a traditional rollator, Susan's walking position was bent over and painful, but now with her UPWalker, she's comfortable, upright...and smiling again!


UPWalker: We’re on a mission every day to help customers who suffer from walking challenges caused by health ailments, stability problems, injuries and other debilitating issues. What types of walking problems were you having, what led to you getting an UPWalker for yourself?

 Susan: I have MS, using a wheelchair right now, and I have lost the core strength and different leg muscle strength (which I intend to get back with my UPWalker and physical therapy help). My neighbor is what led me to the UPWalker, she saw it advertised. I still can't get outdoors yet, because I don’t have that muscle strength on my own. The therapist and I are working on it. 

 UPWalker: So many in our community had problems remaining active before trying the UPWalker, some were feeling trapped indoors, unable to get out to socialize with friends easily, losing their everyday freedom. Do you have any new plans for when you do get to walk outdoors again?

 Susan: My goal is getting to Thanksgiving at my sister’s, but I need a cement ramp to get out of here. My condo would not install, but their brochure stated that they were part of the fair housing act! 

 UPWalker: You look natural standing in your UPWalker in the photo, can you tell us about your posture and balance now, how do you feel?

 Susan: My posture is great, you can't believe the difference it makes, the pain relief it gives to you is unreal. From frowning to smiling, simple.

 UPWalker: If others in the community are having similar walking challenges to what you’ve had, what would you tell them are the most important things that changed or improved when you started using your UPWalker?

 Susan: I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of this type of help. A sense of fulfillment and independency to come, once you get started. Just like I experienced. I intend to spread the word to my MS group and different rehab locations. Thank you for what it has done for me already in such a short time! 

 UPWalker: Susan, thanks so much for sharing your story with friends in the UPWalker community! We’re grateful to be connected with you, and our team at UPWalker wishes you walking enjoyment and best of health. 

If you'd like to learn more about how the UPWalker can help your loved ones who suffer from mobility challenges to rehabilitate and rediscover walking capabilities, independence, and a more active, healthier lifestyle, we'd be happy to help you. Click here to order and to watch the UPWalker video online, or you can call toll-free to order at 1-800-716-3185.

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