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UPWalker Customer Success Story: Walking Independence Restored – A Letter from an UPWalker User

  • 3 min read

Introduction The UPWalker was designed to help those with mobility challenges to walk upright with better posture, stability, improved balance and less pain. Mary Brown is one of our newest community members. She had been suffering with terrible sciatica and debilitating effects from breaking her back in a fall, both of which prevented her from walking without tremendous pain and needing assistance. After using her UPWalker, she sent our CEO an excited note, showing us that she’s now able to walk upright...and she’s enjoying walking again! Mary’s letter is below, followed by some Q&A we had to learn more about her story.

Here is the letter Mary sent to Craig Shugert, our CEO:

Dear Mr. Shugert,

Almost a year ago, my brother, David, began telling me about the new walker that was making his life so much easier. He showed me the pictures of it, and I thought it looked great. At that time I was recovering from spine surgery, and as I got better, he again showed me the UPWalker via FaceTime. And then one arrived at my door! I love it! Not only was it incredibly easy to put together, but it gives me the ability, on a daily basis, to walk about two miles. I simply could not do it without the UPWalker! I do not say this lightly. My back is as good as it is going to get, and I could never do what I do without the UPWalker.

People often stop me and ask about this marvelous walker that is so different from the regular ones. It gives so much support and comfort to those of us who have become impaired. Several times I have been stopped by people who know someone who has one of these. I march proudly around my complex with my water bottle and letters that I want to mail. I can sit down if I get tired—so far that has not happened. I do want to thank you for making my life better. Actually, because of the exercise with the UPWalker, I can now walk short distances by myself. At almost eighty years of age—I can’t believe it—I am really moving around!

I happen, by the accident of birth, to have a remarkable brother. Bad backs seem to run in the family. Thank you for changing my life in such a constructive way. I could not feel more positive about this wonderful device.

Most sincerely,

Mary Love Brown

Mary is enjoying walking again and has rediscovered her independence with the UPWalker!


After receiving her letter, we had an opportunity to interview Mary: 

UPWalker: Mary, can you share more about the walking challenges and back problems you were experiencing before starting to use your UPWalker? 

Mary: I have always had a lower back problem. I fell out of one of those old-fashioned metal tube fire escapes back in the forties! They were commonly used in grammar schools with two floors. Then I fell off a ladder in 2011 and broke my back. I had serious spinal surgery in 2016 to relieve the pain and sciatica caused by the long-ago fire escape incident. I could not walk prior to the surgery because of the pain. Now I walk well with the UPWalker and find that when I am shopping etc without it, I think my back is more strengthened. 

UPWalker: What about walking independently, has anything changed? 

Mary: I can walk alone for a short period of time. That is the greatest plus of using the UPWalker. When I want to walk or stand alone, I can—and without much pain.  I love walking on a regular basis with the UPWalker because I know that it is making me more able to navigate on my own when and if I want to do so. 

UPWalker: Now that you're walking more easily, do you have any fun plans for using your UPWalker, visiting friends, social events, and maybe some upcoming travel? 

Mary: I will use the UPWalker for the rest of my life. I love it!! I am going out for a walk now; it is a lovely day!! I hope to visit my brother Dave when he resumes his travels around the world. Thank you to all of you because the UPWalker has changed my life! 

UPWalker: Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and the UPWalker community, Mary. Seeing your photo and hearing about your excitement means the world to us! Our team at UPWalker wishes you walking enjoyment and best of health.

If you'd like to learn more about how the UPWalker can help your loved ones who suffer from mobility challenges to rediscover walking capabilities, independence, and a more active, healthier lifestyle, we'd be happy to help you. Click here to order and to watch the UPWalker video online, or you can call toll-free to order at 1-800-716-3185.

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