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UPWalker Receives Positive Reviews at Nation's Largest Physical Therapy Convention

  • 2 min read

Our revolutionary UPWalker™ personal mobility device was introduced last week at APTA CSM, the nation’s largest physical therapy industry convention, held this year in New Orleans. 

The UPWalker is designed for improved posture, safety and reduced pain, and it was exciting to see how well-received it was among the many physical therapists visiting our booth. We were surrounded by those who share our passion for helping others to have a more mobile and healthy lifestyle. They were intrigued to learn about the benefits of the UPWalker, impressed with the sure-footed stability, easy handling, portability and convenient features, and tried it out themselves to feel the difference it makes. 

The PT professionals we met dedicate themselves to supporting the needs of senior living communities and homecare, orthopedic rehabilitation, patients suffering from neurological disorders, surgical recovery, frailty and more.

Many attend the show looking for innovative new products to help their patients recover sooner, walk easier, farther and with less chance of falling, and they were delighted in discovering the UPWalker! 

Here are some samples of the comments we received from physical therapists reviewing the UPWalker at APTA:

“That makes so much sense walking upright, partially supported by the upper body to reduce pain in your legs and hips. I can really feel the difference.”

“Nice to have an upright walker we physical therapists can use with patients, and then train them to use on their own at home!”

“It makes sense that users breathe easier and can walk farther with less exertion, since they are upright while walking with the UPWalker.”

“Wow, that does look safer than a rollator!”

 “That’s really good looking. It doesn’t look like a medical device.”

 “I would have expected to pay more, given its features and advantages.”

With its modern, ergonomic design and cushioned adjustable-height armrests, safety handbrakes, eight-inch multi-surface wheels, padded sit-to-stand handles and an integrated seat, the UPWalker was engineered for active living indoors and out, and for physical therapy. We’re proud to say, it was a hit at the APTA convention! 

Learn more about how the UPWalker can help you regain your walking independence and an active, healthy lifestyle. Email us at or visit or Call to Order: 1-800-716-3185.

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