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What are the benefits of the UPWalker?

According to clinical research, the unique design of the UPWalker reduces pain in the wrists, back and leg joints as compared to traditional walkers, and the upright position enables the user to walk farther with less effort.

Why is the UPWalker better than traditional walkers?

Traditional walkers encourage users to walk in the bent-over position, looking down at the ground, whereas the UPWalker allows the user to walk in an upright, supported position, looking straight ahead and improving their posture.

What is the cost of the UPWalker?

We offer many different models/sizes of the UPWalker to fit your specific height and weight parameters.
* UPWalker Lite (4’7 - 5’10) : $545
* UPWalker Premium Lite (4'10 - 6'1) : $595
* Standard UPWalker/Cardio Accelerator (4’7 - 5’11) : $645
* UPWalker Large (4’10 - 6’5) : $695
* UPWalker Neuro (5'3 - 6'10) : $795

Is the UPWalker covered by Medicare?

No, the UPWalker is a private pay product and is not covered by the Medicare system. However, the user can pursue reimbursement from their insurance provider. If you have a doctor's prescription for the UPWalker, you can submit this along with your receipt of purchase, to your insurance provider, and they may be able to reimburse you part of the cost. The Manufacturer makes no representations or guarantees as to what coverage, if any, will be provided.

Where can I learn more about the UPWalker products?

To learn more about the UPWalker, please visit our website and click on the “Shop Now” button in the top right hand corner. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us directly at 877-488-0822 or by email at

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