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The Safest, Most Fully Featured Upright Walker Available Today.

Expand your mobility options and enjoyment with the fully featured UPWalker Premium Lite.
  • The UPWalker Premium Lite includes all of the benefits of the original UPWalker, but has many new premium features not available on the UPWalker Lite.
  • Softer and Larger 10” wheels in the front and 8” wheels in the back for a smoother ride that is easier to go over bumps on floors for improved stability and still compact/small and very easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Two motion activated lights illuminating users walking path for safer travel at night for those trips to the bathroom, kitchen for a drink of water or walks at night outdoors.
  • Two removable and washable comfort pads attached to existing padded armrest supports for added comfort on long walks.
  • Two personal item bags. A luxury personal item bag on the users handles by the brakes for easy access without bending over. Additionally, there is a more discrete personal item bag located under the seat.
  • There is a comfortable reversible back rest for two different positions of contact with ones back (mid back or lower back support).
  • A handy cup holder for ease of transporting your morning coffee or water bottle
  • New premium size accommodates users from 4’-10” to 6’-1” tall but still in a compact size and weight for transporting easier than Chinese copycat upright posture walkers.
  • The Premium Lite is offered in two new premium custom metallic colors, Dark Luster Silver and Champagne.

An image of the UPWalker Lite with the shopping bag attachment. This is the smaller, lighter version of their flagship unit. An image of the UPWalker Lite with the shopping bag attachment. This is the smaller, lighter version of their flagship unit.

Premium Lite Features Provide Benefits Not Found on Traditional Walkers

Adjustable-Height Armrests

Comfortable Seat

Lockable Brakes

Multi-terrain Wheels (10" Front)

Sit to Stand Handles

Sturdy Foldable Frame


What Value Do You Place on Your Safety?

Only the UPWalker® is designed from the ground up to be a SAFER Upright Posture Walker!

Only the UPWalker® is ISO Certified for SAFE Outdoor and Indoor Use!

UPWalker Outperforms Imitation Products!

Why is an UPWALKER Safer?

The Revolutionary Breakthrough in Upright Walking

UP Your Mobility • UP Your Confidence • UPLIFT Your Life!


FREE Accessories $142 Value

FREE Shipping $59.99 Value

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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